The Laclede County Office Of Emergency Management

Randy Rowe

OEM Director: Randy Rowe

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Our Mission

To protect the lives and property of all residents when major disasters threaten public safety in any part of Laclede County. The Laclede County Office Of Emergency Management responds to two types of disasters – natural and man-made. Natural disasters are major snow and/or ice storms, floods, tornadoes and/or severe weather, as well as the threat of a serious earthquake along Missouri’s New Madrid Fault. Man-made disasters may include hazardous material incidents, nuclear power plant accidents and other radiological hazards. The Laclede County Office Of Emergency Management is also responsible for developing a County Emergency Operations Plan which coordinates the actions of Laclede County government departments and agencies in the event of any emergency requiring use of resources and personnel

Deer season is up on us this Saturday everyone stay safe and watch out for other hunters.

Everyone who burns wood make sure your flues are clean before the bad weather gets here.

Please don’t burn leaves on windy days. We want everyone to stay safe.

The weather will start getting bad with slick roads and the kids will be out for the holidays so be extra careful why’ll driving over the holidays.

Here at Office of Emergency Management wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.